How to Powerwash Your House

How to power wash your home

Before you decide to paint your home, you may want to consider power washing it. Many people power wash their home before they are going to paint it, in hopes that they will be able to remove any dirt or debris from their home. What’s the use of hiring a company to like Westfield NJ Painting to paint your home if you’re simply going to cover up the existing dirt with a layer of paint?

The good news is if you don’t understand the basis of power washing your home NJ power washing would be more then obliged to assist you. Bringing a company out to your home that is loaded with a pool of professionals will show you what goes into power washing so later on if you decide to paint your home again, you can power wash your own home and save the paint crew time and save you a few extra dollars as well.

If you decide to perform the power wash on your home by yourself, we have some useful tips that can guide you through the process, this way you can avoid any mistakes during the power washing process.

1. Locate a power washer– You can find a power washer at most local department stores as well as Home Depot or Lowe’s. You do not need to buy the washer many stores will allow you to rent the washers for a number of consecutive days. Since you are only going to use the washer once, it’s wise to simply rent it then to buy it.

2. Find a ladder that can reach to the peak of your home– You are trying to power wash your whole home, not just the middle of it. The washer is extremely powerful, so you don’t want to have a ladder that is too short. If the ladder is too short you will aim above your head therefore risking the chances of you falling off the ladder.

3. Setting up your power washer– You want to ensure that all hoses are connected correctly, and is hooked up to water supply such as a hose. Test the washer before you climb up to the peak of the ladder with it.

4. Place your ladder against your home– Always start from the highest peak of your home and slowly work your way down, spraying from left to right as you climb down the rungs of the ladder.

5. Keep your distance– Make sure your sprayer stays at least 12 inches away from the home at all times. Power washers often are set to blast water so hard it literally chips the paint right off of your home.

6. Complete all 4 sides of the home– Do one side at a time, it does not matter what side you start on as long as you properly perform the previous steps with each side.

Power washing your home can actually seem more like a fun past time then a chore. If you decide to purchase your power washer, many people use it for many household things, such as cleaning their cars or washing off their driveways.