How to Fix a Hole in the Wall

How to fix a hole in the wall

There is probably not a single person alive who has not knocked an unwanted hole into their wall. Whether it be putting a picture up in an unwanted place, or moving furniture around that hits into the wall. Fixing a hole in your wall is actually an easy quick fix job that you can do on your own.

Many people become distraught when they have an unwanted hole knocked into their walls. And, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be. Holes in your walls give off its own kind of signal either that one, you don’t  know how to fix the hole to make it acceptable to guests, or two you don’t know the right home repair company to hire.

The professionals at NJ home repair services would be more then obliged to help you get rid of that unsightly hole no matter how big or small it may appear.

If the hole in your wall is small, you can always attempt to try some of the quick fix techniques to rectify the problem on your own. If the hole you are facing is a small hole like an indention from a nail you can try toothpaste or plaster to fill the hole in. Toothpaste is one of the quickest ways to get rid of small nail holes and does not cost you too much in the long run.

If the hole in your wall is covering a large surface you may have to take a different route to repairing the problem. Some people hesitate to bring a professional into their home to fix the problem in fear of the cost. You can always try a few other methods to fix the hole in your wall before calling in the pros.

1. Patching- You can pick up a basic patch kit from any local department or home improvement store. Patching kits normally cost about $10.00-$15.00, and can do a great job to cover up that pesky hole. Many patching kits include step by step instructions for just about anyone to follow, so you shouldn’t run into any confusion along the way.

2. Buying new drywall- If the hole is too big to apply a patch to, you may have to fix your wall in a more complicated manner. You can do this, by measuring the size of the drywall that needs to be replaced. You then cut out the drywall all the way to the wooden frame of the home. After you have cut the drywall away, you want to place your new piece of drywall in the correct place, screw the drywall to the wooden beam, and begin to apply a mud used for house around the outer corners to blind the drywall in.

Unless you have any deep cracks in the wall you may not need to apply tape. Make sure the mud is flush with the wall. Texture the area that now holds the new drywall. After the texture matches the texture of the room, you can now paint the wall, and your done!

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